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To be added to the buddy list, e-mail the webmaster and he will make sure you get on!

Be sure to include your name, phone number(s), E-mail address, location, where you want to dive and level of expertise.

Name: Max Arvidson
Number: 541.823.3116
Where: Ontario, Oregon
Will Dive: I'm willing to dive anywhere within the Pacific Northwest.
Experience: Open water, 1 dive (Caribbean)
Name: Chris A. Auth
Number: 208.342.1499
E-mail: caa@antcd.com
Where: Boise, Idaho
Will Dive: Any mud puddle within 20 miles.
Experience: Open water, 35 dives, 2/3 local (cold), 1/3 foreign (warm).
Name: Mary Branchflower
Number: 208.404.2214
E-mail: mary@divemagic.com
Where: Twin Falls, Idaho
Will Dive: I will dive locally, in Twin Falls, Drive to Wendover for diving in Blue Lake, would like to visit more lakes farther east with a dive buddy. Sometimes short notice is hard for me because I work at the Dive Shop in Twin and canít always get time off. But I will try.
Experience: Instructor
Name: Carl Darling
Phone: 208 890-8900
Email: carldarling@msn.com or arldarling@msn.com
Where: Boise, Idaho
Will Dive: Anywhere close evenings and weekends. Preferably with a relatively easy entry.
Experience: Advanced Open Water, 30 + dives, half warm, half cold
Name: Earl I. Eblen
Number: 208.863.8477
Where: Boise, Idaho
Will Dive: Any mud puddle.
Experience: Advanced Open water, 35 dives, mostly cold water.
Name: Michelle Enright
Number: 208.371.2927
Where: Boise, Idaho
Will Dive: Any mud puddle
Experience: Advanced Open water, 600+ dives, 90%local (cold), 10% foreign (warm).
Name: Mike Garske
Number: 208.870.1822
Where: Meridian, Idaho
Will Dive: I will dive anywhere the water is deeper than I am tall! My weekends are Sunday - Tuesday, and every other Wednesday. I can get Saturdays off with a couple weeks notice.
Experience: Certified PADI Open Water Diver 11/04, but I want to dive as much as possible!
Name: Brad Gilmore
Number: 208.855.9337
Where: Meridian, Idaho
Will Dive: Almost anywhere.
Experience: Mixed gas (have compressor also), DIRF, drysuit.
Name: Jim Hull
Number: 208.863.8770
E-mail: jimhull@spro.net
Where: Boise, Idaho
Will Dive: Anywhere locally or further with advanced notice. Evenings and weekends.
Experience: Advanced open water. Over 20 dives. Mostly local and training and some in Hawaii.
Name: Craig Maloney
Number: 208.571.0384
E-mail: ancanclin@aol.com
Where: Meridian, Idaho
Will Dive: Will consider any diving proposal, local or Pacific coast.
Experience: Open Water, Advanced Open Water, Nitrox, Drysuit. 20 Dives, mostly local (cold) but 4 in tropics.
Name: Lisa McFall
Number: 208.893.4377
E-mail: mermaidlisa_2000@yahoo.com
Where: Boise, Idaho
Will Dive: Enjoy diving as many evenings and weekends as possible.
Experience: Instructor, close to 400 dives. Enjoy local and Pacific coast diving.
Name: Tony Perreira
Number: 208.853.1686
E-mail: tonyperreira@hotmail.com
Where: Boise, Idaho
Will Dive: Any local waters.
Experience: I got my certification in Duluth MN. I have done 5 dives, 3 in Minnesota lakes and 2 in Lake Superior.
Name: Denise Roberts
Number: 208.922.4414 or 208.794.0199
E-mail: deniseroberts@hotmail.com
Where: Kuna, Idaho
Will Dive: Anywhere, anytime with advanced notice.
Experience: Master Scuba Diver.
Name: Ralph Shelton
Number: 208.323.0507
Where: Boise, Idaho
Will Dive: Anywhere. Also I do Sunday and Monday morning dives. Also we would like to meet other parents of small children that dive.
Experience: PADI O/W, Military
Name: Bob Stein
Number: 208.841.0868
E-mail: bobstein@cableone.net
Where: Boise, Idaho
Will Dive: Will entertain any proposal
Experience: NONE yet...
Name: Arnie Winstead
Number: 208.463.8858 or 208.989.5859 (Cell)
Where: Nampa, Idaho
Will Dive: Anywhere, available Fri., Sat. & Sun.
Experience: Assistant Instructor, 80 dives. Short notice is okay, can't promise, but will try.