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Google Earth: N 4321'46", W 11526'39"

Date of Dive: 12-Sep-2004
Maximum Water Depth: 75 feet
Average Water Temp: 62
Above Water Temp: 64
Visibility: 15-20 feet

Getting There: To drive to this site, go southeast on I-84 from Boise to Exit 95 in Mountain Home. Turn left onto U.S. State Highway 20 towards Fairfield. Drive about 20 miles until you see a green sign, saying Anderson Dam. Turn left and drive until you reach a dirt road going down to the right into the canyon. This road reaches the dam. Drive across the dam and turn right. drive about 1/4 to 1/2 mile until you reach the first turn where an outhouse and the boat ramp stands.

Dive Access: About 20 miles East of Mountain Home off U.S. State Highway 20

Great place to have a deep dive or deep diver training. Slope is mostly at a 45 degree angle. Swam around rocks and witnessed some fish life to boot.

The primary boat ramp is high and dry. However there is another ramp about a few hundred yards upstream. It is accessed by either driving or walking down the primary ramp. Entries and exits can be made by the low water ramp when no boats are around it. Dive flags are advised.

Submitted by Harvey


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