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Date of Dive(s): 24, 25-MAR-2007
Location: Blue Lake, UT/NV
Elevation: 4250 feet ASL
Air Temperature: 68-72F
Water Temperature: 74F surface / 84F bottom
Max Depth: 58 feet
Visibility (max): 10 to 12 feet
Divers: Denise Roberts, Jim Hull, Carl Darling, Tom Dyer
Surface support: Jody Hull


We met at BWS parking lot at 8:00 a.m. to load up Denise's van for the trip down. We were on the road by 8:10 a.m..

We rolled into the Blue lake parking lot around 2:30 p.m.. This is when we met up with Tom. He had driven in from Elko to join us for the dives on Saturday. We ran into Dave Brown conducting an OW class.

We geared up and were in the water by about 3:30 p.m.. The parking lot was a bit muddy and the walk was a long one. Each trip it got longer is seemed. Walk is about 600 feet from the parking lot to the ingress point.

Dive #1:
Team 1: Denise / Carl
Team 2: Jim / Tom
Dive Time: Approx: 0:42

We descended as a group but then ended up going in different directions. Our objective was to find the Vertical Boat. We never did find the boat on this dive. We ended up exploring some of the treasures on the bottom. We found the bomb, the shark, the desk with chair and TV, the toilet with skeletons, and a multitude of road signs along with cauldrons in the bottom where the warm water is bubbling up from below. This water is about 85F. We surfaced on Tom's signal as he was running low on air. Short surface swim to shore and made an easy egress.

Tom and I were first out of the water. We headed back to the vehicles to get out of our gear. We were standing around when Denise and Carl came trudging up to the cars. That is when Carl stepped on a mud snake and when down hard. We scrambled to help him up. He seemed to be ok. Nice coat of gray Salt Flats mud on his wet suit.

For our surface interval we hung out in the scenic parking area, visited, swapped stories, and did gear maintenance. We really wanted to do a night dive so we were also waiting for the sun to drop a bit more on the horizon before heading down to the ingress point.

Dive #2:
Team 1: Denise / Carl
Team 2: Jim / Tom
Dive Time: Approx: 0:55

We entered the water at about 8:00 p.m.. We decided to head down to the dive platforms and check out the fish. So we descended just off the dock then followed the bottom out to the platform. We hung out there and around it for about 10min or so. The fish watching us just as much as we were watching them. We then proceeded to head off on a heading due south and followed the bottom looking at the thermal pots and fish nests. Found the turtle sculpture and a few other items.

The viz as pretty good as most of the particulates that the classes had kicked up had settled.

We surfaced a bit before 9:00 p.m.. We had run low on air so we had a bit of a surface swim to make it back to shore. Good thing Jody was on shore with a light to show us the way.

This was our last dive with Tom. He had to head back to Elko. So we said our goodbyes and went our separate ways.

It was about 10:00 p.m. before we got back to the motel. We checked in, knocked the crud off, and then hit a buffet and the casinos.

Dive #3:
Team 1: Denise / Jim
Dive Time: Approx: 0:44

Since we kind of indulged ourselves a bit the night before we got a late start on the morning for our next dive. We hit the water about 11:50 a.m.. Carl did not join us for the dive because his snake wrestling of the day before put a kink in his back. Bummer as the viz was better than the day before.

Denise and I decided that we really needed to see the vertical boat. So we took a compass heading to the orange marker buoy and headed over there. Of course we missed it and went way beyond it. Saw lots of cool stuff and bubbling pots on our journey. We decided to surface and take a bearing. Seems we trended east too much. We must have one leg shorter than the other.

So we descended once again and headed out along the bearing we took. On this leg of the dive Denise had some equipment problems. Seems her tank had slipped down out of the strap that attaches it to the BCD. I pushed her down to the bottom and pushed the tank back up into the strap. It is hard to push against something that is not anchored down. She kept drifting away. Anyway, got it back into position and strapped down. Good thing there was a dive buddy near by. I should have been a bit more attentive and noticed that there was a problem earlier.

We still missed the rope and over shot. But I think this time at least we went in a straight line. I was running low on air at this time. So we surface swam to the buoy and then descended along the rope. This took us right to the boat. Sure enough, its orientation is vertical. Looks to be about a 20 foot boat sitting on its stern. Its stern is sitting at about 48 feet.

Since my air situation was getting tight we ascended to about 15 feet then headed toward the egress point. I didn't make it. Surfaced with about 250 p.s.i.. Did not want to push it any further. Was about 50 feet from the dock for a surface swim.

We jettisoned the gear once we got back to the vehicle. We were looking at a 5 hour drive to get back home.

We were on the road by about 1:30 p.m. headed toward Boise. We stopped in Jackpot to get dinner and throw a few dollars down the drain. At least I broke even with Nevada in that regards to that on this trip.

Arrived BWS parking lot right about 7:00 p.m..

Dive site notes:
1) Parking lot can get muddy with even the smallest of rainstorms. So bring along a tarp to change in and out of your gear.

2)The walk from the parking area to the ingress area is about 600 feet. It is across a very treacherous boardwalk. Good dive boots or walking shoes are a must.

3)Good time of year to go as there were little to no biting insects.

4)A weekday would be a better day to dive this site as there would most likely not be an OW class stirring things up. Saturday it was a mad house. There were probably about 50+ divers in and out of the water.

5)Streamlined equipment and good buoyancy is a must as the bottom consists of a really fine silt that is easily kicked up.

6)There are no restroom facilities at the site.

Thank-yous go out to:

Tom - For driving over from Elko to join us. Nice to meet new out-of-town divers. You are welcome to dive with us anytime.

Jody For surface support. I would still be trying to get my dive boots off if she hadn't been there.

Carl Not only for joining us for the trip but keeping me awake while I drove home. He has got some fabulous stories.

Denise Helping to organize the event and especially for the use of her mini-van. Also for being one heck of a good dive buddy.

Submitted by Jim Hull on 30-MAR-2007.

Date of Dive: 26-Jan-2003
Maximum Water Depth: 60 feet
Average Water Temp: 70
Above Water Temp: 45
Visibility: 3 feet
Dive Access: Park and walk planks for 600 feet or so to floating pier or shore drop.

One of the only geothermal lakes in the region, most dive shops in the Northwest prefer this lake for open water certifications during the winter months. 5 hours from Boise, it sits amid a field of weeds. Numerous sculptures have been placed at the bottom, along with dive platforms and ropes. Place turns over (algae bloom) during freak heatwaves.

Submitted by Chris

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