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Google Earth: N 4235'45", W 11423'13"

Date of Dive: 29-Jun-2003
Maximum Water Depth: 35 feet
Average Water Temp: 69
Above Water Temp: 90
Visibility: 15 feet
Dive Access: West End - Shore / East End - Shore

Date of Dive: 28-Sep-2003
Maximum Water Depth: 35 feet
Average Water Temp: 65
Above Water Temp: 85
Visibility: 10 feet
Dive Access: Midway - Swimming Docks

Just 2 hours east of Boise will put you in the Snake River Canyon and at Dierkes Lake. Formed by a collapsed lava tube, some remnants of the old farm which was once on top of the tube can still be found at the bottom. Silt is 2'+ deep and viz varies depending on the algae bloom and turnover. Lots of trout, sunfish and shore fishers (watch out for lines and hooks). Try to find a dive platform and sunken steel rowboats!

Submitted by Chris


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