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Google Earth: N 4422'36", W 11558'57"

Date of Dive: 26-Jun-2004
Maximum Water Depth: 18 feet
Average Water Temp: 55
Above Water Temp: 73
Visibility: 2-8 feet

Dive Access: North on Hwy 55 to Banks, then north about 15 minutes until you see the open range areas on right. Look for brown sportsman access sign "Herrick Reservoir", turn right. Go to end of road, turn left. Follow past private houses to camping areas. Dirt road splits at big rock. Left takes you to camp sites on western shore. Take right. First gate on left allows access from camp sites on East shore. Gates are latched, not locked (PLEASE CLOSE). Park past outhouse and walk down to small beach area, for 12 ft depth. Good exit point. ontinue past 1st and 2nd gates, on windy dirt road, to northerly fishing point closer to dam at north end (18+ feet deep) CAREFUL on steep slope entry.

South end of reservoir is dry later in the summer, when it's cow pasture. It's said the north end near dam stays full all the time. DON'T KNOW how deep near the dam, or if there are HAZARDS.

Grass shoots suspended in the water make visibility under 1 foot until you can focus on bottom, then 5 feet. Bottom is silty pastureland, with occasional cow patties, goose stogies. Only saw tadpoles and 1 trout. It is well stocked for fishing. Entanglement hazards are many logs and stumps, especially toward dam, and plenty of fishermen. No motorized boats while I was there.

Overall, nice to explore while weekend camping. Difficult to find entry points unless you drive around the dirt roads or go with someone who knows.

Submitted by Jon


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