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Google Earth: N 4031'26", W 11129'06"

Date: 05-AUG-2006
Elevation: 5560 ASL
Max depth: 55 ft
Water Temp: 96
Air Temp: 85
Viz: 50-feet +

The Homestead Resort
700 North Homestead Drive
Midway, UT 84049


Diving - $27(weekend)
Tanks - $7.50
Dive Master - $10
Reservations are required.

The crater is right in the middle of a golf course and resort. Parking is right next to the crater so you have an easy 50 yards or less walk to the entrance to the crater. The entrance is up about 5 stairs. They have opened up a tunnel in the side of the crater and this is where you enter. Before entering you have to go the the office located in another building and pay your fees and sign a waiver. This building is located just west of the parking lot across a big lawn.

I called about 5 days in advance to reserve a dive time. They have a 72 hour cancellation policy but I get the impression that they are a little loose with it and may not charge you if you decide to cancel in that period. They take credit cards.

Once inside the crater your dive ingress point is a floating "T" shaped dock. You can gear up here or in the entry tunnel. Since the water is so warm and they are trying to protect the purity of the water no wetsuits are allowed. Just your swimsuit and the necessary dive gear. I ended up renting a tank there because I could not find a place that could fill my DIN tank in Ogden where I was staying.

They really want you to dive with a buddy. I had originally scheduled to dive at 2:00 p.m. but I was early so they let me go at 12:30 p.m.. They said there were other divers scheduled for that time so it would be ok to dive solo. However, when I got to the crater there were no other divers so the divemaster there insisted on diving with me. No big deal. He suggested that since the water was so warm that I should sit on the platform at 21-feet and acclimate to the water temperature. I guess some have problems with it and may start to hyperventilate. I spent a couple of minutes there and did not have any adverse effects. So we proceeded to just swim around the crater. There is a ring at 20ft and at 35ft in the middle of the crater that is used as a staging place for dive training. The waiver you sign states that you will not exceed 35-feet. However, the divemaster I was with took me to near the bottom down to 47-feet. We could see where the spring water was bubbling up through the sand at the bottom. The bottom is around 55-feet of so. The viz was good. The viz can drop a bit when there has been a group of divers in there. There is just enough natural lighting coming in through the top of the crater to give the water at depth a nice lighting level. I spent most of my time in the water just doing circles and working on bouyancy. We did our safety stop standing on the 21-foot platform then surfaced on the ascent lines in the middle of the crater. There is a ladder on the floating dock to use for your egress.

After I exited the water and left the cave on my way back to the car I was getting a tad dizzy and light headed. It must have been the warm water. I have felt this sensation before when I stayed too long in a hot tub. I was in the water for 30 minutes. So I took the time to sit in the shade and log my dive in my log book. Once I was feeling better I headed into Heber for lunch. As I was eating lunch I got to thinking about my drive from Ogden to the dive site and that I had some mountians to go over. I set my altimeter and watched it and there was only a 900-f00t elevation change on the way back. I took the I-80/I-84 route.

It was fun and a novelty. Considering the costs and distances I dont think that I would dive there again unless it was with a friend or with a group as an activity. If you like it warm and good viz then give it a try. I hear the winter time is the best time for this location.

Submitted by Jim

Date of Dive: 21-May-2005
Maximum Water Depth: 27 feet
Average Water Temp: 95
Above Water Temp: Warm
Visibility: 25 feet

Getting There: From Salt Lake City, take I-80 East 32 miles to US Highway 40 (Heber Exit). Travel South approximately 14 miles to the Midway and Wasatch Mountain State Park turnoff. Turn right at the stop light on to River Road. Follow the green directional signs, approximately 5 miles.

Dive Access: See Comments.

Diving in the Crater can be like diving in a sauna, in the past getting out felt good because you had to COOL OFF. Today was nice, enjoyed an hour plus dive. The Crater is at an elevation of approximately 5700 feet. The highest pass between Boise and the Crater is approximately 6802 feet (both elevations came from my GPS). The Crater has bathroom facilities and a resort right next door where you can stay. Check out http://homesteadresort.com/the_crater/the_crater.cfm for more information.

Submitted by Wade


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