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Google Earth: N 4331'13", W 11603'05"

Date of Dive(s): 29-APR-2007
Location: Lucky Peak Reservoir, Boise, ID
Elevation: 2700 Feet ASL
Air Temperature: 68F
Water Temperature: 46F
Max Depth: 42 Feet
Visibility (max): approx 10 to 12 Feet
Divers: Jim, Mike, Wade, Lyle
Surface support: None
Dive time: 0:37

Mike and I were in 7mil wetsuits while Wade and Lyle were in dry suits for this dive.

Wade deployed his dive flag and float tube in about 22 feet of water off the end of the dock. The dock is still not in the water. It is about 15 ft from the water's edge.

We descended down the descent line. The viz was actually pretty good at this point and it got better as we moved deeper. Mike and I hooked up and started off in the direction of our dive plan. Somewhere in the shuffle we lost Wade and Lyle.

Mike and I stayed around 38 to 40 feet for most of our dive. The viz was pretty good here and any lower and the water was getting to be just a bit too chilly for me. The viz was still pretty good. Not a lot of bottom features to grab your attention but just enough to help you determine position and speed. We did see one small fish.

We turned around at about 0:20 into the dive as we were starting to hear boats and we were not quite sure how far we had gone. Nonetheless it was about time we turned to head back. We followed the same course and path we took out.

Once we got back to the area of the dive flag we surfaced. At this time my fingers were about too numb to feel my BC inflator controls. When we surfaced we noticed that we were about 20 feet from the dive flag.

We discussed what to do and I said I probably had another 0:15 in me if we stayed shallow. So we descended once again. Mike was having clearing issues so we canceled the dive and surface swam to the egress point.

Once out of the water Mike and I decided to head up to the cars and tear down our gear while we waited for Wade and Lyle. While we were walking up the staircase of death we saw a fishing boat roll into within 5 or 6 feet of the dive flag. Those morons rolled right over Wade and Lyle's bubbles. If Mike hadn't yelled at them they would have thrown a line in on top of them. I guess they think a dive flag is a fish magnet.

Lots of fun was had by all and lots of new gear and gear configurations to check out. This was Lyle's 3rd dive in his new dry suit.

Submitted by Jim Hull

Date of Dive: 27-Jun-2004
Maximum Water Depth: 83 feet
Average Water Temp: 57
Above Water Temp: 70
Visibility: 25 feet
Dive Access: Past Barclay Bay Boat ramp, first parking lot after and walk down flight of steel stairs to the dock.

Made the deep dive on Nitrox and Photograghy dive in the morning hours. The weather was sunny with some wind during the first dive. Quite dark at the 100 foot mark (83 feet actually). Did several dives that same day. Lots of jet skis and swimmers crowding the dock in the afternoon and evening hours. Nice place to start a full dive day or an evening dive after work or to play in the afternoon.

Submitted by Harvey

Date of Dive: 16-Jan-2004
Maximum Water Depth: 31 feet
Average Water Temp: 36
Above Water Temp: 28
Visibility: 2-3 feet
Dive Access: Turners Gulch Boat Ramp

Visibility was limited so we didn't see much. We worked on buoyancy and basic compass navigation. Both of us were in dry suits and even then we were only able to do one dive because of the cold.

Submitted by Wade

Date of Dive: 06-Sep-2003
Maximum Water Depth: DEEP
Average Water Temp: 67
Above Water Temp: 85
Visibility: 10 feet
Dive Access: Barclay Bay or other points not used by boats

Well... what can I say. It's a reservoir with lots of boats. Water is churned up pretty well until below 30 feet. Lots of rocks, some crawdads, fish and lots of beer cans. Boat wakes make for a choppy shore and viz is crud for the first 20 feet or so out from shore. Watch for broken glass and other treasures.

Submitted by Chris


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