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Google Earth: N 4720'55", W 12219'32"

Date: May 22, 2007
Divers: Dave, Kathy & Malinda Washburn with 8 new friends from the area
Max depth: 56 Feet
Duration: 38 Minutes
Elevation: Sea Level
Type: Salt Water
Visibility: 2 to 3 feet down to about 20 feet, improving to about 10 - 12 feet below that
Water Temp: 47-58
Time In: 8:21 PST
Time Out: 8:59 PST

We had barely been in Seattle 24 hours when we geared up with our friends from A2Z Scuba for an evening/night dive at Redondo Beach, one of the more popular dive sites in the Seattle area. Kathy has been there before, Malinda and I were new to it. Fascinating dive! We swam out to the end of a pier and followed one of its pilings down to the bottom in about 18 fsw. The piling was covered with starfish, barnacles and the occasional tube anemone. From there we were supposed to follow a big rope from the next piling out to a sunken bathtub, but we couldn't find the rope. So we just sort of wandered around. We came across a couple of sunken boats, and at 55 feet we found this gigantic storage-tank type thing.

There were crabs of various shapes and sizes just about everywhere, but the main feature this night was an array of types of smaller fish. There were numerous young rockfish, 4 or 5 buffalo sculpins, and one lone eelpout. The area is also littered with large purple starfish - excuse me, sea stars - so many that it quickly got boring taking pictures of them. Kathy had a fair idea about the layout of the place, so she was the navigator, and when Malinda and I reached 1500 psi in our aluminum 80 tanks, we turned to head back.

Along the way we found a bunch of little eel-like fish known as gunnels. We also encountered one tiny halibut about 3 inches long. Just before we surfaced, Malinda found a crab that was about 7 inches across the shell (not counting legs), by far the biggest we had seen. When I wasn't looking, she picked it up and when I turned back again she was sticking it in my face. Interesting sensation! Anyway, Kathy's navigation was flawless and she brought us back to our starting point where we finally surfaced in about 8 feet of water. When we entered, we had to go down a set of steps and then walk across about 20 to 25 feet of gravel too get in the water; by the time we surfaced, the tide had risen clear up to the steps. Redondo is nice because there's a rest room facility there with two exterior showers for rinsing your gear. Everybody just turns them on and steps under them with gear on, and rinses that way. I had never done that before, and it beats the heck out of waving a hose at each individual piece of gear.

This was the first time I've been in salt water since last summer, and I've sure missed it. We did discover that we were all somewhat over-weighted. Kathy was trying out a new BCD that she's considering buying from her friend Amy at A2Z, and I was using Kathy's. Malinda was having problems with her feet rising, even with her ankle weights. So we all had buoyancy challenges. But we had a great time, and are looking forward to going back in the next few days.

Submitted by Dave Washburn

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