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Google Earth: N 4038'49", W 11231'30"

Date of Dive: 01-Jul-2006
Water Depth: 12-feet to 62-Feet
Water Temp: 83 to 86
Visibility: 3-feet to 5-feet

Seabase is easy to find following the directions found on their website.

The facilities have changing rooms, fresh water showers, and a public gathering place in the dive shop area. The small dive shop that has a small selection of diving related items, snacks and drinks, as well as SCUBA rental gear. There is an airfill station to get your tanks filled too. There are portapotties available.

As for the diving, there are a number of pools to choose from. Most of them are connected via swimmable tunnels or trench/canals. These pools range in depth of 12-feet to 62-feet. The water is nearly as salty as ocean water. The water was warm enough that I dove without a wetsuit.

The shallowest pool, White Rocks Bay, has most of the exotic fish in it. There is rumored to be two large nurse sharks (6 and 8-feet) in this pool as well. I could not find them as the viz was terrible. I did eventually see the largest one once I had left the pool. He did a buzz by of the exit point of the pool. This pool is about 12-feet deep and has a ladder for ingress and egress. It is the type ladder that you would find on the back of a dive boat that allows you to use it with your fins on. This pool is also fully enclosed in a greenhouse type enclosure. This would be a good one to do during the winter.

The main pool, Habitat bay, is where most of the dive training takes place. This pool is about 25-feet deep. It has an ascent/descent line, various training platforms and an air filled habitat at about 15-feet that gives divers an underwater conversation and meeting place. There are other objects as well to explore. Several small garden statues, a sunken boat for example. I had a fish nibble on my finger for a bit. That startled me a little until I realized what it was. This pool is connected to a long channel that is used for navigation training and a connection to another shallow pool. The ingress point of this pool is a platform that allows a step off drop into the water.

The deepest pool is about 62-feet deep. It is called "The Abyss". Basically it is a 20-foot wide shaft that is 62-feet deep. It has a few training platforms at various depths. There are flood lights along the walls as well. It gets real dark down there so you better bring a light if you want to read your gauges and computer at the bottom. There is also a descent line in the center of this shaft.

Overall the viz was crap. 3-feet most of the time with an occasional 5-foot window. They were experiencing an algae bloom that made the viz so bad. They tell me that it can range from the 3-feet viz that I experienced to crystal clarity. They update their website everyday with the viz and temperature reports so that may help you to plan your trip there. You have to reserve a time. The day I went there was only 2 other divers. I am not sure what traffic is like on other days. I would not want to be in the training pool if there was a class in there. The viz would be nil.

At the very least is a great place to escape the in-laws and go diving while in Utah.

Submitted by Jim Hull

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