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Meeting Minutes For Desert Divers Of Idaho

Meeting of 2/8/05

Barry Bean came to our meeting to talk with us about local underwater "wildlife." There were 11 people total at the meeting - those of you that couldn't attend missed a great time learning about what we see underwater in our local environment. Barry's slide show presentation generated a lot of questions and some good answers from Barry. Those of us present learned much more than what the fish looked like, but some of their behaviors as well. There were the Salmon and Trout families, Sculpins, Bluegill, and Salamanders, just to list a few. Those of you not attending missed Barry's story of his encounter with those "cute" little River Otters (not so cute up close and personal - they need "beware" signs - right Barry!?!). It was a very fun and informative evening. Thank you to Barry for his presentation!

Claudia Pfennig, Fill-In Secretary