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Meeting Minutes For Desert Divers Of Idaho

Meeting of 4/12/05

Thanks to Chris, Earl and Mary for some great pictures and information on both Cozumel and Fiji. 18 people total attended. Chris and Earl had a slide presentation of their recent trip to Cozumel. Chris, our webmaster, had put together a nice presentation of their own photos set to music as well as a CD from the photo pro down there. Nice photos and fun presentation. Thanks to Chris and Earl! Mary gave us a presentation from her trip to Fiji. She had some beautiful photos, and was able to identify many of the fish for us. So many of us do like to know what the fish are that we are looking at, so we're glad she remembered! Mary gave us some history about Fiji, where it is located, what the people were like, and some of the information the people who lived there had told her. It was a terrific presentation - again, thank you Mary!

Claudia Pfennig, Fill-In Secretary