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Meeting Minutes For Desert Divers Of Idaho

Meeting of 12/14/04

Arnie called the meeting to order at 7:15 pm in the Round Table Pizza restaurant at the corner of Orchard and Overland. There were14 members attending. Arnie talked about some of the many things the club has done this year and how much fun we have all had. We all agreed that it had been a successful first year of our new club and that there are many things to do this year. The first order of business was to elect officers for 2005. Earl was nominated for President and was unanimously elected. A big “Thank You” and a round of applause was given for Arnie’s huge contribution in getting this club off the ground and help in organizing the fun stuff we did this past year. She said that she would still stay involved. Wade Pfennig was nominated for Vice President and was elected unanimously. Dirk was nominated to continue as secretary / treasurer and was unanimously elected. It was also decided that Chris has a life sentence with no chance of parole doing the web site.

The next topic of discussion was whether or not we should continue with the collection of dues. The members present decided that because there were times that things needed to be purchased for club functions, such as the club banner, that we should continue to collect dues. It was voted on and it was decided that the dues would continue to be $12 per year. The next meeting in January will be when the dues for 2005 will be collected. Also a treasurers report on the amount of money used in 2004 and the current treasury amount will be given.

The next topic discussed was what to do in 2005. Earl said that he wants to organize some trips to close coastal dive sites in Washington and Oregon. Hood sport, Edmonds and some California sites were mentioned. Some ideas for meetings were movie and pizza meetings this winter, maybe a bowling night, and Arnie will contact the DAN doctor to come back. Dirk will contact a friend that is on a dive team for the USBR and see if he will come and talk about some of his experiences. Also Wade said he knew of a commercial diver in the area that collects hardhat diving gear. We may be able to have him bring some of his collection and give a talk on it. Also Eric Johnson, the DAN doctor said that some time this year one of the hospitals would be getting a decompression chamber. A tour of this maybe can be set up. So with all the ideas (and there are still many more from people not attending, if you have one email it to the Yahoo site) this year will be a lot of fun.

The last topic was related to club activities. It was voted on and passed unanimously that at any club dive a liability release form MUST be filled out and signed by every diver, and either DAN or PADI diver insurance is strongly recommended.

The next meeting will be held on January 11, 2005. The location will be announced on the web site. Dues will be collected for 2005 and diver information will be updated. So see you at the next meeting. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!

Dirk Spackman, Sec/Treas.