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Items to sell can be sold separately or combined.

To sell for any reasonable offer:
80 cubic in. tank (needs to be vipped)
Sea Quest Spectrum 3 BCD (size M/L)
Octopus - Seaquest XR2 & Mirage
Optima Mask & Seaquest Snorkel
Deep Sea Farmer John - 5 MM (size XL)
Deep Sea Shortie - 5 MM (size XL)
Oceanic hood
Hot Shot gloves - 3 MM (size L)
Deep Sea Neopreme Shoes (size 13)
All equipment has been used for only about 15 dives. It is about 10 yrs. old.

Contact Matt Poste 208.323.7993 or E-mail at msbposte@aol.com

Have anything SCUBA related lying around that you feel someone else might be better off with? Any spare tanks holding down you garage floor? Maybe some weights or some old memorabilia? Well, send the specs in by clicking here and input all you can think of of the item you want to sell! Size, Type, Age, Vis/Hydro dates, Mils, Amount, etc.. Don't forget to leave a price and a return E-mail address! Including pictures helps also... (All items listed will be on the site for a maximum of 60 days).